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A Simple Solution for Difficult Compliance


Continued tracking of ITAR Items along a production line, including where items are sent to subcontractors

Assembled Items

Tracking of license numbers and authorizations for products that consist of two or more ITAR Items under different licenses

Lists and Records

Maintaining accurate records of use and shipment of the items


Creation of control statements for shipping documents, appropriate Use Certificates for the U.S. exporter’s export license process


The Buffalo Tracking System™ provides businesses with useful tools for ITAR compliance, including real-time tracking of physical items. The Buffalo Tracking System™ contains many valuable features for U.S. and non-U.S. businesses alike.

About Us

R&R Compliance Solutions (2015) Ltd. is a start-up company established to develop software solutions and systems for use in various compliance programs and working procedures. We recognized a major gap between certain legal and regulatory requirements that a business must comply with and the tools available to assist the business to meet those requirements. Our mission is to develop solutions that will be practical, intuitive, simple to use and fit easily into a business' working environment. We develop systems and solutions that will be sold as off-the-shelf products and we will also make bespoke solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of a specific customer. The Buffalo Tracking System™ is an ITAR compliance tool, particularly designed to help non-U.S. businesses meet the difficult requirements of the United States' International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Future products will include tools to assist with compliance with the U.S.' Export Administration Regulations (EAR), anti-bribery regulations, money laundering regulations, codes of conduct and business ethics, intellectual property and confidential information protection.

Gil Rosen, Adv

CEO, General Counsel

Gil Rosen is an international business commercial lawyer with niche expertise advising businesses in the defense and homeland security sectors. Gil is the owner and manager of Gil Rosen Law, an English and Israeli licensed legal practice. It was as a result of Gil’s work advising Israeli and English businesses on matters of compliance with the U.S.’ International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR), that Gil realized that businesses often have many practical difficulties in complying with these regulations, even when they receive appropriate legal advice. He also noticed that existing solutions in the market do not cover all of the problematic issues he identified. Gil’s vision for R&R Compliance Solutions and the development of the Buffalo Tracking System™ grew from this. In addition to his management of the early stages of the establishment and development of R&R Compliance Solutions, Gil serves as R&R Compliance Solutions General Legal Counsel and provides the legal input for the development of the company’s products.

You can email Gil at gil@2rcs.com

Alex Radinsky is a multi-sphere and multi-oriented technician with over a decade of experience in hi-tech, especially with development, research and testing. Prior to becoming founder of 2RCS Ltd., Alex was a successful devops and network expert, working in one of the world's leading semiconductor companies, specializing in developing environments for continued integration and development of a wide range of products and technologies. Alex gained experience in software, hardware, network and embedded testing. The experience has enabled him to succeed on many complex challenges in various projects for many of the biggest companies in the world. Along with Gil, Alex designed the core system behavior and technically implemented it in Buffalo Tracking. In addition to his management of the early stages of the establishment and development of R&R Compliance Solutions, Alex serves as R&R Compliance Solutions CTO and provides the technical expertise for the development of the company’s products.

You can email Alex at alex@2rcs.com

Alex Radinsky


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